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About Mary

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The creative process for me runs deep and is very personal. It is through the lens that an innate channeling occurs...I allow the camera to guide me in finding those elusive moments waiting to be noticed. I approach my editorial and commissioned assignments as an intimate photographic collaboration between client and photographer. The intention is always the same, to illuminate the beauty and grace of all that stand before me.

I am not bound by just one subject matter. Inspired by diversity, I have developed a myriad of photographic disciplines. Whether I'm on an editorial assignment, in the studio shooting a still life, celebrating a wedding, or out in the field with horses, no matter what the circumstance may be, it’s the authentic connection from the heart that stays consistent.
For nearly 3 decades I've traveled through the vast world of photography which offers me insight to my own artistic evolution. Today, as a seasoned professional,
I am able to feel into moments with an eye beyond that of just a photographer and remain determined to push beyond the obvious with my photographic language. 

I live in Santa Fe, NM which inspires me with its raw landscape and serves as an ideal location to travel on assignment throughout the Southwest region. I cover Colorado, Arizona, California, Florida or wherever my camera might take me.


"It would be my highest honor to photograph your lifestyle, your animals, your children, your family, an event, or your wedding. Portraiture is my passion, my life's assignment."



Since my clients often have the best ideas, I like to involve them in every aspect of the shoot. This requires session planning in person or over the phone to discuss the location, the look and feel of the photography, wardrobe, props, hair and makeup, and all the little details that help create a successful photography experience. Whether it's a classic head shot, an editorial shoot, an equestrian lifestyle portrait or coverage of a special event, keep in mind that anything can happen–this is the exciting part of the creative process, it’s always about possibilities. Please feel free to contact me for package options and a la carte pricing.











Clients come to Mary for her refined aesthetic, spirited work ethic, and her collaborative nature based on a deep creative knowing and the ability to problem solve. Drawing upon sheer intuition, Mary is noted for finding the ethereal qualities of natural light or deliberately creating it. Her painterly editing style is rooted in years in the darkroom which is now implemented in the lightroom. Meticulous in the post process, she strives to bring color, passion and a bit of drama to each image she processes to create just the right look for each assignment.

Mary Neiberg in her studio

"Making photographs is my life’s work...It’s an inherent part of me, a way of being."

Contact Me

3600 Cerillos Road, Suite 406

Santa Fe, NM 87507

Telephone: 505-577-1940 



Mary Neiberg Photography
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