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Equestrian Photography

What Do Lifestyle Photographers Do?

Have you ever noticed photographs of people doing ordinary things? Perhaps they are cooking in their kitchen or swimming at their favorite local spot. They look like normal, everyday people who are doing normal, everyday things. The biggest obvious difference between those photographs and snapshots on a cell phone is the quality of the photo.

Those pictures fit into the genre of lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photographers aim to capture life’s regular moments on film. It’s not about posing the subject of the photograph or creating an image. It is about showing the subject’s normal life and activities in an informal and yet artistic way.

While the subject or subjects do go through some preparation, it is nowhere near the amount one would for a formal portrait session. For instance, in lifestyle photography, the subjects will dress up some and maybe clean up their home some. However, the photographs are intended to look natural- not sterile. Therefore, the amount of necessary preparation is very little.

As a lifestyle photographer, my goal is to capture your life on film. I want to tell the story of you and your family as it is- not as it “should” be. This might include photographing your children in the middle of a pillow fight, the family playing ball in your yard, an intimate look between you and your spouse as you cook, or eat dinner or if you love horseback riding, I can provide you with equestrian photography that will capture the sacred bond that you have with your favorite animal. 

Lifestyle photography is a beautiful way to show your life and love for one another, to hold onto memories of joy, and so much more. And as a photographer, I can attest to the fact that lifestyle photos are incredibly effective online. They are great to share with loved ones. They can also be great tools for building an online reputation for your business.

Whether you are searching for a lifestyle photographer or someone who specializes in equestrian photography, I am happy to assist and travel when necessary. Contact me today, so we can discuss your goals and start planning your session today.

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