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Choosing Your Wardrobe for Family Portraits

One of the hardest things about getting family portraits done is choosing how to dress. There is no limit to the possibilities, and there is certainly no one size fits all approach. What you wear should depend entirely upon your preferences. However, there are a few tips to help ensure your wardrobe enhances the family portraits.


Avoid or Limit Velvet

Velvet can be beautiful, but it can also be one of the most difficult fabrics to light. It is best to either limit or avoid the fabric unless your family is choosing a darker theme.


Think About the Location

Where have you had the portraits taken? While some photographers prefer to do only indoor photos at their studios, many will meet you at other locations. Contact several local family photographers to determine who offers to meet you.

If you will be indoors, your clothing should work with the available lighting. Outdoor sessions are great for bright colors and flowy or sheer fabrics.


Avoid Oversized Items

It’s hard to look- or feel- good in baggy clothes. While it is not necessary to wear tight clothing, it should fit you well and be comfortable.


Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Patterns and stripes are great, but horizontal stripes tend to make a person look wider than they are. If you choose stripes, go with vertical ones instead.


Consider How You Feel

The most important factor to consider when choosing what to wear is how each person feels. When you feel good, you shine- on and off-camera. Make sure each family member wears something they feel confident in.


Family portraits are a beautiful way to document life and love, and I love capturing a family’s story and dynamic on film. Give me a call to schedule your next family portrait session.

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