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Couple Portraits

3 Reasons to Make Couple Portraits a Regular Practice

Life can be so busy, and it can be easy to push priorities to the side when so many other tasks are calling for your attention. Sometimes, we have to put our foot down and shift our focus to what’s important. The following are three great reasons to make time for taking couple portraits a regular part of your life.

Tell Your Story

You are not the same person you were when you first met, and you will not be the same years from now. You grow as people and as a couple. Having a couple portraits taken regularly means documenting those changes and telling your story.

Fun Experience

Portrait sessions can be a really great experience. You can laugh, love, and enjoy that time together. And each time you see those portraits hanging on your wall, you can think about the day and smile.

Memories That Last

Couple portraits provide memories that last a lifetime- something tangible you can look back on. Even greater is that they can be around for your children and grandchildren, providing them with a glimpse of the love and life you two shared. Love is a beautiful thing, and it should be memorialized.

As a photographer, capturing a relationship on film is a blessing. Allow me the honor of photographing your journey of love by contacting me to schedule your couple portraits session today.

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